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Indoor Spring Development 2024

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February 24 - April 27 2024

The North York Cosmos Co-Ed Development program for Spring 2024 is open for registration.


This program is designed to help players improve their ball skills and develop their soccer ABC's:  Agility, Balance and Coordination, while gaining a greater understanding of the game. Sessions are designed to reflect the age of the player in accordance with Ontario Soccer Associations Grassroots Development Standards. Players are encouraged to use their imaginations and creativity with the freedom to make mistakes and learn through trial and error. We strive to create a FUN and informative environment where kids of all skill levels and abilities have the opportunity to build confidence through maximizing time on the ball, movement and play. 

Saturdays: February 24 - April 27, 2024 

LOCATION!  Indoor Turf facilities at Toronto Soccer Plex. 101 Railside Rd, North York

Cost: $225.00

Mini Program:  (2019-2017):

Time: 9:00 - 9:55 am

The program aims to build our youngest player's passion for soccer. Through the introduction of the basics; running, dribbling, passing, kicking, movement, informal game play and positive reinforcement

Youth Junior Program: (2016-2015):  

Time: 10:00 - 10:55 am 

This program continues to focus on individual player development and confidence, with an emphasis on game play. Players will continue to build on their movement, speed, ball control and coordination. Basic game understanding will continue to grow through play, cooperation and touches on the ball. Players  will participate in drills in the first half of the session, followed by informal game play in the back half.

Youth Senior Program:  (2014-2012):

Time: 11:00 - 11:55 am 

The program continues to build on both individual player develop as well as team development. Players are now able to reflect on mistakes and make adjustments. Drills are designed to reflect game situations, where movement and skills are learnt by doing.  Players will participate in drills in the first half of the session, followed by informal game play in the back half.

*Start dates maybe subject to change


Please use the following links to partnership programs that provide financial aid to families who need it:

KidSport Canada


Please click here for refund policy


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