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10 Key Factors


Soccer Coaching Tips – Heading

  1. Feet apart, one slightly ahead of the other pointing toward the target
  2. Body weight on the soles
  3. Body leaning slightly back (arching back from the hips)
  4. Arms forward and towards the ball
  5. Eyes focused on the ball
  6. Get as much of the body behind the ball as possible
  7. Keep eyes open and watch the ball onto the head
  8. Gently push through the ball with the head and contact the ball with the forehead
  9. Head through the top half of the ball to head down

Soccer Coaching Tips – Defending

Retreat an adequate distance when the other team has the ball. Once the other team gains possession, fall back so you stand between your marked opponent and the goal. Stay close enough to intercept any passes, but be prepared to retreat farther should your opponent decide to sprint past you to receive a forward pass.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/415885-how-to-defend-in-soccer-like-a-pro/#ixzz1UCaU493l




Soccer Coaching Tips – Passing

  1. Body over the ball
  2. Swing kicking leg forward
  3. Keep kicking foot firm
  4. Contact center of ball with inside surface of foot
  5. Transfer weight forward
  6. Generate momentum through ball
  7. Smooth follow-through and point your toes up and away from the midline of your body. Contact the center of the ball with the inside surface of your kicking foot. Make sure that your foot is firmly positioned as you follow through with the kicking motion
  • Soccer Coaching Tips – Support
  • Focus on basic Defending Principals.
  • Focus on basic Attacking principals.
  • Encourage players to play thorugh the supporting players to make play easier.
  • Make sure supporting players are moving to good space/angles to properly support the play.






Soccer Coaching Tips –Shooting

  1. Take a touch.
  2. Look at the Ball
  3. Place your foot.
  4. Swing your arms.
  5. Bring back your shooting leg.
  6. Lock your ankle.
  7. DON’T Lean over the ball.
  8. Strike it.
  9. Follow through.
  10. Follow it up.

Soccer Coaching Tips –Receiving

Many great soccer players have gain their tremendous receiving skills by kicking the ball against a wall. This is a great drill and the wall will never complain and you will be able to practice on different methods of receiving (chest, inside of the foot, outside of the foot etc).






Soccer Coaching Tips – Goal Keeping

  1. Be focused during the game even if the ball is far away from your 18 yard box.
  2. Don’t look for your opponent, look for the ball.
  3. Don’t stay on the line and wait for your opponent.
  4. Your team should have a backup goalie, especially in tournaments.
  5. When going up for crosses you cannot afford to make mistakes
  6. Have confidence in yourself.
  7. Let your opponent make the first move.
  8. Don’t stand to far from the goal line. One yard is perfect
  9. .You can’t either be afraid of getting injured while playing as soccer goalkeeper
  10. .Try to read the body language of your opponent.

Soccer Coaching Tips – Dribbling

  1. Have a space between your feet
  2. Lean your body forward a little
  3. Both legs should be flexed
  4. You should also have your haunches down
  5. Both of your arms should be relaxed and not moving




Soccer Coaching Tips – Positioning

There is no optimal soccer formation that your team can use for every match. Instead, the election will depend on how your opponents are playing. You may have heard that choice of a formation varies from one squad to another and that the best formation is the one which most suits your team. Well, this is true, but if you want to become good in soccer you must be able to play in all possible formations.