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About the Club

The North York Cosmos Soccer Club places the emphasis on "grass roots" development, therefore, our coaches are required to work within the given guidelines of the CSA and OSA. Our Coaches are encouraged to attend clinics and workshops to become familiar with or stay connected to the current trends and developments in soccer.

Coaching soccer is an ongoing learning experience and the pages you are about to browse through are meant to inspire your own individual style as a coach. Some of the sample training sessions are collections and ideas gathered from different coaches around the world. More than likely, it is material that you already use in your own sessions. However, if you are like other coaches, you (or your players) may be bored with the same drills and may want to try a different approach or variation of same.

The North York Cosmos Soccer Club supports the philosophy that FUN is the key to a successful player development. This is what makes our HOUSE LEAGUE a winner with our members every season.

"A successful coach is not the one who wins trophy after trophy, it is the one who brings back the most players every season! If he/she can elevate the level of the top three players on the team which in turn brings up the level of the bottom three, now that's real genius." (Dr. Fleck in a panel discussion during the annual NSCAA convention in Cincinatti, which included Pele, Tony Waiters and Bobby Howe)

The North York COSMOS Soccer Club welcomes your suggestions. Feel free to e-mail us.

Mission Statement

The North York Cosmos Soccer Club (NYCSC) is a not-for-profit youth organization operated entirely by volunteers. We believe in offering a high quality environment for soccer by adhering to the Ontario Soccer Association's (OSA) recommendations for player development and pyramid of play (house league to representative level). We also strive to deliver the best possible coaching to our players at every age level, so that fun, skill, and fitness can be emphasized.